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  • Aerospace

    Golden Empire Logistics Aerospace

    Aerospace organization does research, design, evaluate, install, operate or maintain parts for aircraft and spacecraft. Airspace activity has multitude of industrial, commercial and military applications which requires logistics solutions.

    At GEL, our experienced team offers supply-chain support/management to aerospace industries in more cost-effective/reliable ways. We have our network of offices around the world to provide critical AOG (Aircraft on Ground) services without any hassles.

    GEL is specialized is handling aircraft engine installation, overhaul parts movement, spare parts distribution across operators and so on. We have our technical experts equipped with latest inventory management softwares provide/feed you with real-time data in tracking/tracing/delivery confirmations.

  • Automotive

    Golden Empire Logistics Automotive

    Automotive industry requires designs, development, Manufacturing, marketing and selling of motor vehicles. Automotive industries requires maintenance/delivery of automobiles for end-end user using logistics mode and we at GEL provide the supply-chain solutions for the same.

    At GEL, we provide assistance for spare parts/components movements within the assembly/sub-assembly facilities within production plants.

    GEL provides global freight management services and after market services/operations through our network partners.


    Golden Empire Logistics Cosmetics

    GEL acts as back-bone in cosmetics world when it comes to logistics/support in global markets. We have solutions which can made proprietary with supply-chain management aligned with associated goals.

    We have solutions for retailers, wholesalers and speciality brands which we prove time-time based on our success strategy. We have expert team to provide custom made supply chain solutions.

    At GEL, we have best in class inventory software to provide real-time data on availability of inventories around the world. We have a dedicated team who can administer in providing low-cost yet robust global transportation solutions aligned with your company goals.

  • Hi Tech logistics and Consumer Electronics

    Golden Empire Logistics Cosumer Electronics

    GEL logistics with support of our channel partners across globe, we handle the most complex logistics requirements with technological industry.

    Electronics warehousing and logistics services requires comprehensive supply chain strategy. At GEL, we help in cross-docking and order fulfillment of individual showroom to retail/distribution centers across the globe.

    We also provide high security facility with electronic surveillance, steel cages, background verification for in/out-bound movements, 24-hour security services and so on.

    At GEL, to support small/medium business we provide seasonal and overflow warehousing solutions. we also provide value added services such as picking/packing/labelling for all retailers.

  • Industrial Goods

    Golden Empire Logistics Industsrial goods

    The Wholesale/Industrial industry is consumer driven sector, which constantly increases the demand. With Growing Competition and keep pace with lean time, GEL provides actual estimates of inventory/in-out bound and when to anticipate the changes with our expert solutions often tailor-made according to the industry practices.

    At GEL, we have excellent infra for logistics services to deliver products to length and breadth of the country, keeping your company goals in-line.

  • OIL & GAS

    Golden Empire Logistics Oil gas

    Oil is commonly referred as liquid gold for how expensive it has gotten in recent times. For oil/gas exploration from its reserves, which requires supply-base to base-base services. To move oil rig from reserves lead time, repair, operating goods, material/equipments logistics is imminent. At GEL we provide best supply chain management services reducing time/cost in logistics services to the company.

    We undertake the following services.
    1. LPG containers distribution.
    2. Oil rig moves.
    3. Bulk LPG extraction and delivery to consumers.
    4. Crude oil logistics to oil wells to refinery.
  • Pharmaceutical & Healtcare

    Golden Empire Logistics Industreis

    At GEL logistics, our team is capable of handling bio-tech/pharmaceutical goods with our integrated logistics solutions tailored for each customer/individual requirements based on various production stages within the company. We have well sophisticated shipping services that includes temperature controlled containers across the globe. GEL has network of client offices globally to handle any special shipments from wholesale, healthcare, drug-store, medical equipments.

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